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         Shandong Yinguang Chemical (Group) Co.,Ltd.was established in 1979.It is a natinal designated state-owned large(type two)enterprise group for manufactuing civil user explosives.The group has four undering enterprise and more than 1,300 employees.The total assets of the company are 150 million yuan.It is producing more than one hundred variety products in four series,mainly are:civil use explosives,drawnwork decoration products... 

    Tel: 0539-5066110 5066303
    Fax: 0539-5066295
    Mob: 13864990914
    E-mail: 13864990914@163.com
    Website: http://www.1881.hk
    Zip code: 273400
    Addr: Shandong province Feixian County fee Zhu Lu Ge Yu Duan
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    Addr:Shandong province Feixian County fee Zhu Lu Ge Yu Duan  Tel:0539-5066110 5066303    
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